Student Life

Beyond the classroom

                                                                                                 Positive and active student life

Student life is extremely well balanced at Wisdom School. With over 10 after school clubs available across the school year, students are encouraged to enjoy and participate in an array of experiences and opportunities in a high achieving multi-cultural environment.

Students play basketball, football, volleyball, and have time in Chapel where with the whole community of Wisdom School family members together praise the Lord Almighty God, read the Word of God about His Kingdom of Heaven and how to enter in. The activity that never gets out from the mind of every pupil and student that leaves Wisdom School Family for another school is the time spent in CHAPEL. It is always a precious moment to be on the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of the World.

One of Wisdom School's Football Teams

Those looking for something different will chose Wisdom School for the better future of their beloved children. Preparing our children for Eternal Life in the Kingdom of God is our mission.

With a jam packed after school activity schedule, students often don’t want to go home!

“Our children, Our future”

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