Wisdom High School is a private school in Rwanda that provides local and international students curriculum to students to prepare them to perform very well in the national exams and international exams. Their good performance into exams gives them places in the UR (University of Rwanda) and in other top universities in the USA, Canada, Uk and Australia. Our approach allows us to promote the development of each student as an independent learner. We encourage each and every one to think critically and creatively about problems and provides tentatives answers. This is done through working only with small classes (10-30 students). Our aim is to bring out the best from students who come from different backgrounds and who have different learning styles. Wisdom High School offers a range of practicals in every subject taught, from Lower Secondary to advanced Secondary. These prepare students for entry to a leading university in Rwamda and overseas.


Wisdom High School is a private school in Rwanda for secondary education. Wisdom High School programmes are based on a Rwandan Curriculum and International curriculum, and are taught exclusively in English. They have been especially adapted to meet the needs of local and international students studying in Wisdom High School. The academic programmes at Wisdom High School are all benchmarked to international standards and  designed to prepare students for university studies from senior one to senior six.


The Wisdom High School programmes are recognized as valid by all universities in Rwanda, the UK and Australia as well as leading international universities in the USA and Canada. 


Wisdom High School  offers a fully rewarding educational experience that will strengthen social, moral, cultural and spiritual development, as well as providing high quality teaching that will lead to academic success.


Enquire now about the different combinations you can study in Wisdom High School which is based in Musanze City, Northern Province, Rwanda.





17 SEP.2023


Training of Making robots and programing them.

23-28 July 2023


New Brunswick, Canada

13-20 August 2023

Global Read and Spelle Contest 

In South-Africa/Pretoria

15-18 December  2023

Wisdom High School’s Pedagogy

Wisdom is a private school for secondary education in Rwanda. We offer a different approach to education to local and international students. As a private school in Rwanda with a hybrid-based curriculum (national and international), we have the freedom to adapt the way we work to match our students’ needs. We choose to work only with small classes (15-30 students) as we believe this gives students the best opportunity to learn. Small classes make it possible to maintain a healthy classroom dynamic and a clear focus on academic objectives, whilst attending to the learning needs of each student as an individual.


As a private school in Rwanda we are in a position to take a pragmatic and flexible approach to how we work. Our aim is to combine the best of the East African Community  and the Western approaches to education. We want students to maintain a scholastic discipline that allows a continued focus on key learning objectives. However, we also want our students to be actively engaged in their classes at every level; asking questions, clarifying doubts, exploring ideas. What makes Wisdom High School one of the best private schools in Rwanda is that we adapt our approach to match the ways our students learn. The individual student is the focal point of our work. Because we know our students well  individually, we know how to work with them in the most effective way to promote learning and academic achievement.


Wisdom High School supports students outside the classroom. We appoint a Personal Tutor for each student who will monitor all aspects of that student’s progress. Students meet their Personal Tutor every week. This is an important opportunity to give the school feedback and to raise concerns. This could be especially important for international students who may be new to living and studying in Wisdom High School and to the way Wisdom High School operates. If we identify any deep-rooted academic problems that require extra work, we arrange, at no extra cost, one-to-one sessions with the subject teacher to go back to basics and resolve the problem.


As a result of the way we organize our programmes, Wisdom High School students learn quickly and accurately. We follow the national time table which is divided into three school terms and our students do the national exams of O’ level and A’ level as planned by MINEDUC/NESA.


The programmes of the national exams are set as follows:

*Senior one to senior three (Ordinary level), they do exams that allow them to go to Advanced level and decide for combinations.

* Senior four to senior six (Advanced level), do exams to allow them for university studies.



WISDOM High School


08 March 2023

Wisdom High School members visited the miseum of Richard Kandt and the Arts museum in Kigali.

In Wisdom High School

Students learn different skills for life.

The above are the skill they learnt in making breads and other food items.

At Wisdom School

All Pupils and Students must have basic information on ICT and how to make robots with mathematics.

Here, there is a demonstration in the computer lab.

Why Choose Wisdom High School?

Wisdom High School is a private school in Rwanda with a diverse multinational community of learning. Local and international students work together in an inclusive and empathetic atmosphere. This promotes interest, engagement, acceptance and respect for other people and other cultures and traditions. Students work together amicably and with purpose as they prepare for the next stage of their education, either in Rwanda or internationally. To date, young people from over 10 different countries have studied at Wisdom High School. We value and welcome this diversity and the opportunities it presents to our students for their future.

Secondary education plays a central role in the development of every student. As a private school in Rwanda, Wisdom High School actively encourages its teachers to promote key aspects of social, moral, cultural  and spiritual development within the context of lessons as well as in and around the school. We want to be more than a school with an excellent reputation in discipline and performance. We aim to ensure that our core values of heroism, commitment and accountability are actively promoted and upheld, and demonstrated in all aspects of the way we work with our students. We struggle daily to have students eligible to be the citizens of the Kingdom of God, who have decided to be under the governance of the Creator of the whole universe, our Lord the Almighty God. We see this as an essential part of education in Rwanda.

In order to prepare our students for a wide range of communication at international level, Wisdom High School offers the opportunity for students to learn more international languages: English, French, Swahili and Chinese. But English is our medium way of communication in class and outside the classes.

Enrol your child at Wisdom High School, to further their secondary education at a distinctive private school in Rwanda that prepares the Leaders of this World in a near future.


  1.   MCB: Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology
  2.   PCB: Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  3.   PCM: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  4.   MPC: Mathematics, Physics and Computer
  5.   MCE: Mathematics, Computer and Economics
  6.   MEG: Mathematics, Economics and Geography


Beside preparing our students to join the top universities in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia, our students have opportunities to participate in international competitions and trainings:

  • Competitions in International Competitions in English : SPELLING BEE that are organized in different Countries : Dubai, Canada, Singapore, Germany.
  • Training in building and coding/programing Robots in the Artificial Intelligence learning.


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