Child-Centered Education

Welcome to the Wisdom Nursery  School in Musanze City.

We love so much our beloved children, and firmly believe that their education and holistic development in their early age, creative, curious, and motivated individuals is the most important activity we have to give them as the new generations of our Country and World. Our responsibility is to provide a creative, expermental, and transformative education, guiding our young children through a journey of self-discovery, growth, and identification of their strengths and interests in order to prepare them for a successful  future in their long journery of life and education.


Create the spirit of discovery, experimental, confirmation ,self-confidence and the spirit of accountability throughout the journey of life. 


Wisdom Nursery School  provides a guided and prepared learning content that acknowledges the child’s intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs during this basic age of development. This is the period where the strong roots of holistic development must be fixed in order to build strong children for a strong country. This preparation enables the child develop essential life skills and fosters lifelong independent learning in the future.

Our Core Values


1. Daily follow up of the child

 We believe that every child is able to develop to his/her potential when given space. Thus why whatever is planned daily is to provide a physical environment that promotes a child-centered approach that facilitates the child to be part and active in his/her own development in all aspects of life. Every child is bright, it is a matter of guiding and following up all moves.

2. Whole Child Development (Very important at this age)

As builders of the future of our children, we give value to the full development of our children in all corners or aspects : Intellectual, social, emotionals and physical.We have to make sure our children meet those areas of development.

3. Character Building

We believe strongly that childhood is the best time in life to develop strength of character, passion for life, and decision for the future. This is the time we put more efforts to build their character.

4. At  Wisdom Nursery School

We encourage the development of a sense of interconnectedness, belonging, respect, and responsibility by the individual towards the members of the community members where our children come from.

5. A time of Wonder and Appreciation for our Young Children

We encourage, cultivate, protect and nurture the child’s innate sense of curiosity, discovery, wonder, and appreciation for the world so that they remain lifelong learners. It is true that life we spend on Earth, is a time to spend through learning. Our children must be prepared for that process.

6. Being Examples in whatever we do

We are extremly  aware that children learn by example and always depend on what the adults play in their lives. Therefore, we strive to act mindfully at all time in order to provide strong model of life behaviours.

” Life will not give you what you want, it will give you what you deserve”

 Whoever doesn’t want to work, is not allowed to eat.

                                   (2Thessalonians 3:10b)

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